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We are inspired by the teachings of Jesus Christ who is at the heart of all we do.

Reception Class Page

Our class page will be updated regularly with phtographs as a snapshot of the things we are getting up to in Reception. We will upload our weekly newsletter here too.

Summer 1

We had lots of fun hunting for bugs.  We found seven different types in our school garden. 

Summer 1

We have been enjoying out PE session with PNE.

Summer Wk 1

Everyone has enjoyed playing with the new additons to the outside area.  The ‘Loose Parts Shed’ has been a great hit and the children have been very imaginative with their creations.

Summer Wk 1

The classroom has looked very busy this week.  The children have been enjoying he activies set up in the classroom too.

Summer Wk 1

This week we have enjoyed watching the buterflies emerge and then we released them.  We also use the Beebots and discovered how to give accurate instructions to make them move to where we wanted them too.  The lovely weather means we enjoyed PE outside. We also enjoyed planting sunflower seeds.

We have been enjoying our PE session in the hall.  This week we used the large climbing frame which was very exciting.  We have been focusing on moving like different animals.  I think you can agree we have lots of monkeys in Reception! wink

We have had fun this week making shadow puppets.  Miss Smith Leach changed our outside house area into a dark shadow theatre.  This has encouraged lots of children to make their own shadow puppets.

We have been learning about the nativity story this week.  Miss Catterall has turned a corner of our cassroom into the barn so that we can role play parts of the story.  We also have a wonderful small world nativity scene that we can play with.   We have put our class Chrismas tree up and we are starting to make decorations.   

We have been learning about nocturnal animals, this week we have learnt alot about Owls and reading a great book called Owl Babies. we also learnt about ‘fact books’ and what the difference is between a fiction book and non fiction book. We did something very exciting and made our very own wooden owls! We put our safety goggles on and nailed wooden eyes on using real hammers and nails!! Miss Catterall and Miss Smith Leach have a few sore fingers at the moment! All good fun! 

We have looked at how water changes into ice and talked about different things to help melt ice. We also used salt to see what happens when we put it onto ice! Ask the children what they found out!

In our maths lesson we worked with Numicon showing differenct ways of making 5

This week in our PE lesson we travelled like animals going under and over the equipment and jumping from a height.

On Wednesday, Remembrance Day we enjoyed doing some poppy pictures using our fingerprints. We watched a slide show all about Remembrance Day and took part in the 2 minute silence. 

This term we will be looking at the changes of materials. This week we looked at an egg and how it changes when we boil it. We cracked a raw egg into a glass to see what it looked like. We then boiled, timed and shelled the eggs and talked about how it had changed.. then we ate them! Yum!

This week we have been learning all about Diwali being the Festival of Light. We made our own clay pots and painted them. Mrs Patel also came into class and showed us lots of things they have when celebrating.

This week we have been busy being creative building models using boxes. We have selected different materials to add to our designs. We also talked about our models.

Here are a selection of photographs of us using our environment to learn through play.

This week we read the story Pumpkin Soup.  Lots of us were suprised that you can eat pumpkins so we decided to make out own pumpkin soup.  Everyone tried it and some of us loved it.

We have been learning about The Creation Story and singing songs.  We worked together to create a beautiful display for the classroom showing what God created on each of the seven days.  We know He created each one of us different and unique so we used mirrors to see the difference in our eye colours and we created a class chart to see which colour had more and which colour had fewer.

We read a book this week called The Squirrels who Squabbled. We really enjoyed this abook and talked all about it. We then sequenced the order of the story with pictures. 

We have learnt different ways of using paper. This will come in really handy on the creative table!

In our art lesson we talked about spiders and how they will be coming inside to keep warm out of the cold during Autumn and Winter months. We talked about what materials would be good to print spider pictures, we decided that a potato and wooden sticks would be perfect! 

This week we went on the other side of the school and tried out the new Muga pitch! It was very exciting! We got into groups and had a go at hopping. 

We have been learning about Autumn these past few weeks. We have made an Autumn table in the classroom and collected lots of coloured leaves, acorns and conkers. We have created some Autumn Tree art by ripping and tearing paper and adding leaves on using our fingerprints. It was great fun!

We have been enjoying our Funky Fingers activities most mornings. We complete a task each week with our groups. This could be winding elastic bands onto wooden sticks, threading tags through small holes or transferring beads onto boards. This is to help make our fingers stronger and help with our fine motor skills.