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We are inspired by the teachings of Jesus Christ who is at the heart of all we do.

Year 1 Class Page

Super Senses

This week in Science we have had lots of fun investigating some of our senses. We made predictions and tested them to see if we were right. We enjoyed using our sense of touch to feel different objects. We used our sense of smell to decide which smells we liked and which we didn’t like. We used our sense of hearing to work out which noises were the loudest. We explored how important our sense of sight is when we tried building a tower with our eyes open and closed. (We could build taller towers when we used our sense of sight!)

Christmas Fun!

After working so hard we have been having lots of fun during our last week of term. We have been enjoying Christmas craft, especially using glitter to decorate our snowflakes. We have had fun during our Christmas party, virtual pantomime, Christmas dinner and Christmas singing. We also re-told the Christmas Nativity story using puppet sticks! – Merry Christmas from all of Year 1. We can’t wait for more fun learning next term.


This half-term Year 1 have been enjoying having some PE lessons with a coach from PNE. We have had lots of fun developing our skills.


Year 1 have been really enjoying their singing lessons this half-term with Mrs Watson. We have learnt lots of new songs and actions to go with them. We especially enjoyed getting the instruments out and using them to accompany our singing. 

Bonfire Night

Year 1 enjoyed a Bonfire themed week learning about why we have fireworks on the 5th November. We we found out who Guy Fawkes was, what happened in the Gunpowder Plot and how it was stopped. We wrote our own letters to Lord Monteagle telling him what was going to happen. We even had time to create bonfire inspired pictures and “Wanted” posters for Guy Fawkes. What a busy week!