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Year 4 Class Page

Ancient Greek Day

What a fantastic day we had! Our visit from ‘Makers of History’ was a great success and we found out lots about the Ancient Greeks in a fun practical way.  The Athenian lady and Spartan soldier told us all about each city state and at the end of the day we had to decide which city state was the one for us.  It wasn’t an easy decision!

We were able to handle lots of artefacts.  We had to decide if they gave information about buildings, theatre, school, shopping or medicine. It was great to be able to dress up too!

We learnt how to play an Ancient Greek game of skill called Petteia (pebbles).  We also made coins and tokens out of clay and we played a knowledge quiz.

In the afternoon, we acted out a Greek play in the hall.  We also got into a circle to do a Greek dance and we practised balacing a peacock feather on our fingers.  It took a lot of concentration!